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Results: Effective way to bring People & Performance Together

Every business/organization regardless of profit or non-profit, can stand to benefit from the value-add of a SAOL™ Coach and Consultant.  The SAOL™ approach complements and does not conflict with organizational health and performance programs in place; the SAOL™ approach seeks to amplify leadership and business/organizational growth.

There is no magic bullet or pill when it comes to creating a healthy culture within a company/organization. It takes intentionality, discipline, commitment, and yes, a degree of courage to address and resolve issues that are preventing your leader(s), the team(s) and organization from being all that it could be and more.

In most cases you only know when a person is at their wit's end – they will either rely on their own abilities, which may win the day, but without support is virtually impossible to accomplish long-term. In most cases they’ll quit– they’ll move on and the next person in line comes to experience the reality of the position. And then, they quit and move on and so on and so on. The costs to the company are substantial. Striving for org. health creates a balance, so that overdrive and burnout are mitigated. Key members of the organization can come together to resolve the issues that need to be resolved in a collaborative and interdependent manner; ultimately moving from a state of divergence to a stage of convergence.

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