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Leadership Sets the Tone, Not Only for the Team but for the Entire Organization

Whether Profit or Non-Profit – The Best Way to Take Care of an Organization and Its People: Invest in the Development of Leadership & Management, from the Top Executive to the Newest Manager.

Leadership can become a lonely place; to prevent this isolation - leadership coaching and consulting allow a leader the freedom to grow and develop.

Leadership development needs for Managers and Supervisors are similar to those of Executives (titles, scopes, and scales are different, but the issues and responsibilities centered around people, performance and organizational health are similar.)

Leadership coaching gives the focused attention needed to Innovate, Empower and Advance a leader’s influence, skills and abilities.

Driven by sustainable result-oriented outcomes that are centered around continuous improvement, business/organizational health and performance.

Strategic, Agile, Organizational Leadership (SAOL™) is the registered trademark of The Rubi Ho Group. For more information on the SAOL™  Philosophy, Methodology, Models, Programs and Certification visit

The challenges of the future must be met with leadership that is continually looking for opportunities to improve and to become better than they were the day before.

No matter what stage of development or situation you, your team and/or your organization may be experiencing:








ZiLeZa Consulting can make a relevant difference in the areas associated with people and performance.

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